Bulacan Airport Will Have an Airport Express Train Like in Hong Kong & Narita


San Miguel Corp. (SMC) plans to make your commute smoother and faster by integrating an Aiport Express train linking Metro Manila and the New Manila International Airport in Bulacan when it finishes.

The planned elevated train system will span some 200 kilometers and will connect SMC’s proposed New Manila International Airport (NMIA) in Bulakan, Bulacan to EDSA and various points in between, according to SMC President and Chief Operating Officer Ramon Ang.

While the stations are still in the planning stage, the MRT Loop is envisioned to include a non-stop high-speed train that would allow fast transfer of passengers between EDSA and the Bulacan Airport.

During an interview in DZMM, Ramon Ang mentioned that there will be expressways and express trains to be built together with the airport. “Dadaan yan sa Manila, Quezon City, Navotas, Malabon.”, according to him.

Watch the video below:

Let’s look at how other countries connect their airport using train lines like Hong Kong and Tokyo.

Hong Kong Airport Express has 24 minutes of travel time from the airport to the end of the train line.

Here is the Narita Express in Tokyo, it has 58-kilometer distance between Narita airport and Tokyo and has a travel time of 50 minutes. There is also another option to reach Tokyo from Narita like the Keisei and Yamanote Line.

And what should our airport express look like from Metro Manila to New Manila International Airport in Bulacan? Here’s the possible route of the New Manila International Airport Express Train.

According to Mr. Ramon Ang, it will only take up to 30 minutes from Quezon City to get to the airport using the airport express train with a distance of 22 kilometers.

This P735-billion airport will break ground on December 2020 and expected to be completed in 4-5 years after without any cost to the government.