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A deployment of naval gunboat armed with surface-to-surface missiles are being used by the Philippine government for its all-out offensive against the Abu Sayyaf terrorists hiding in the jungles of Sulu and Basilan. This was according to the Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana.

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In a media interview on Wednesday, Lorenzana said the surface-to-surface missiles are the latest weapons acquired by the Philippine Navy (PN) as the modernization of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) which is long overdue.

“We will buy more for our soldiers,” Lorenzana said.

Since Monday, Colonel Cirilito Sobejana, the Army commander of the Joint Task Force Sulu, has mounted a yielding offensive against the Abu Sayyaf in the island of Sulu taking after the decapitation of Jurgen Gustav Kantner, a German national hostage by the Abu Sayyaf since November last year.

Col. Sobejana who received a medal of valor for his bravery in combat, has ordered a ground and air assaults on Abu Sayyaf dens in the wildernesses of Sulu without interval.

Lorenzana said It shows the determination of President Rodrigo Duterte to crush once and for all the Abu Sayyaf with the used of naval gunboats equipped with surface-to-surface missiles.

He denounced the Abu Sayyaf for executing Kantner, who had not committed a wrongdoing against the terrorist group, adding that decapitation is brutal.

AFP troops pursuing the terrorists are equipped with high-powered firearms and night-vision goggles, so Lorenzana expects the task force to pulverize and eliminate the 300 Abu Sayyaf in a year. – JCE.




  1. nahuli ba sa balita ang mga mongoloid or this is a fake?, kung totoo ito , nagmukhang tanga yung mga taong mahilig magsabi ng measle sa isang pinoy forum .. skyscra….

  2. I do think the Editor and or the Journalist who published this report got confused. As mentioned in the title “AFP uses Surface to Surface Missiles to pulverize the terrorist group Abu Sayyaf”. How come? As per the news the very first missile system the AFP will ever have is the Spike ER which will be installed in the third batch of Multi Purpose Attack Craft (MPAC) Mk3 that will only be commissioned in the PN only by third quarter of 2017. I do think Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana was saying is that the Phil. government is sending their existing MPAC’s (without Spike ER Missiles) to the fight and Lorenzana may have also reported to the media that the government will be receiving within this year the third batch of MPAC’s with Spike ER Missiles. Most probably the Editor and or the Journalist mixed-up the two stories.

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