In a one on one meeting with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov in Moscow. Wang Yi wants both nations have only one voice and should join hands to oppose “internationalizing” the South China Sea issue.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov –

“Both China and Russia should stay on guard against abuses of mandatory arbitration,” Wang said yesterday.

Wang Yi explained that the Philippines abused the Arbitration mechanism under the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) because it unilaterally initiated the proceedings without first exhausting diplomatic channels.

Therefore, China’s position rest on not to participate in the proceedings because the Tribunal also has no jurisdiction over China’s “territorial sovereignty over several maritime features in the South China Sea.” Wang Yi added.

The Philippines vs China hearings at the Hague –

However, the Hague Tribunal rejected China’s contentious saying that “China’s non-appearance in these proceedings does not deprive the Tribunal of jurisdiction,” and “the Tribunal held that the Philippines had sought to negotiate with China and … international law does not require a State to continue negotiations when it concludes that the possibility of a negotiated solution has been exhausted.”

A report after a meeting between Wang, Lavrov, and Indian External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj said all related disputes in the South China Sea ought to be tended to through negotiations and agreements ­between the parties concerned. Neither Russia nor India is claimants in the sea.


Observers said Wang’s remarks is an indication that China is confronting enormous political weight and diplomatic pressure, with more countries seeming to back the Philippines, and it was wanting to find support in Russia.

Analysts said Wang’s remarks were China’s method for tightening up in preparations for the court ruling in the disputed West Philippine Sea, which is expected in May or June. – Carl E.



  1. “International law must have a big weight in how disputes are solved. Outcomes cannot be determined just by might is right. The Chinese have seen other great powers during history that have tried to rise by might only to rise & fall. ”

    PM Lee Hsien Loong

    • Philippines nor Vietnam or Japan or other claimant are not trying to rise or nor provoke anyone, we just try to live and get what’s belong to us…. China has good history and I respect that…

      • Rene Prohibido, I believe sirCy is referring to China as the one provoking and using its might to rise, not the other claimants. Peace.

  2. “Russia (nor India) is a claimant in the sea”, pero these chinks “asked Russia to join hands (and oppose) court rulings” ???….who’s the arrogant b___d now???

  3. Hahaha. China is scared to get a default judgment for not showing up in court. Reason being……it does not know how to defend its Nine Dash Line Scam. So its beginning to show temper tantrums and last minute public relations to drum up support for its scam.

  4. it only shows that arrogant bully chinknazi is afraid.. because even russia support us in unclos issue.


  5. Show your Balls now Chinks to stand up your claim and don’t ask for any body else because when you said undisputed you own the whole china sea and unilaterally build a fake island you don’t ask Russia or any countries but claim it Unilaterally and ignored the UN arbitration Tribunal and telling Philippines is a crying baby asking for Support for Uncle Sam, now are you a baby to cry out to your Russian counterpart just to justified your greedy minds. So you are now a crying baby that nobody support your fake Nine Dash Lie. That the start of your down fall and nobody believe in you now and you will pay all the disaster you made in west Philippine sea reef that you destroy because of your greedy mind for small bucks of oil. Remember the word and it will happen.

  6. Its only one thing that Philippines want is for China to respect UNCLOS . Stop bullying its fisherman, stop construction, stop lying and go away

  7. Very simple to understand why china does not want to join the arbitration case..
    WHY = Because they clearly know that they will loose !!!… Might is right ???

    The end is near… its just unlucky for china that its already the 21st century…

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